Here are some memories of my childhood in Japan....
Guessing what is for tea tonight....smelling my Mum's cooking....
Hard decisions at the Cherry Blossom festival, which food stall to buy from....
Going to “Yatai” street food bar with my friends after school....
Asking my Dad if he will take us all to the noodle restaurant and he says....Yes!
I loved growing up with all of this!....I loved it all!!

My style of food is not always traditional Japanese food like most of the Japanese restaurants here.
It's not always Sushi or Tempura or Teriyaki. There are a lot more tasty meals I can introduce you to.
As I live in Somerset now, I can see so many fresh, seasonal local ingredients around here. So I decided to take in some new ideas from where I live and put that together with my memories of street food in Japan.
This is my cooking with a little twist.

My focus for my food is just simple, honest and exciting, plus it has got to be tasty.
Anyone, everyone can enjoy it!
Why don't you try some of my food from my street kitchen at a festival or market? Or maybe organise a garden party with your friends and family or invite me into your house to cook a tasty 2,3 or 4 course meal for you all?
I can guarantee that it will be fantastic food!

Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you soon!!


Hideki Koike Chef and Company Director