Japanese Chef is coming to your home!


Want to have something special at home your friends and family but don't know what you would like to do?

Yes, I can come and cook tasty Japanese 3 or 4 course meals in your home!



Menu example....


                                          1st course

      Yakitori ---- Grilled chicken and spring onion skewers

                        soy and ginger yakitori sauce.




                                          2nd course

     Smoked salmon, cucumber and sesame hand rolled sushi

                                 soy sauce and wasbi.




                              Main course - Bento Box

                                    Teriyaki salmon

                    Vegetable and soy beans sticky rice

                           Spinach and tofu miso soup

                                   Dashimaki egg roll

                                  Sweet potato salad

                           Rice wine pickled red cabbage




                                        Dessert - Kanmi

Maccha green tea cheese cake, poarched fruit, dark sugar syrup




3 course set menu £52 per person. (booking for 6 - 12 people)

4 course set menu £69 per person. (booking for 4 - 12 people)

plus travel fee (please ask)

There is no VAT charge or extras like "chef hire rate" etc.



Please contact me for date availability and I will send you menu options and all booking details.

Thank you!





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