Having a party but want something different?

Birthday, Wedding, Reunion.....It's such great fun when you are having a good time with your friends and family,

with lots of nice food and drink! I would love to see everyone's big smiles and you're all thinking.....

'' Yeah! That was a fantastic party wasn't it? ''

So please let me give you that memorable day! Here is your choice of dishes to make you smile.

Sample Menu options........

Hot Food

- Teriyaki Beef Bap with Asian Slaw and a Soy and Garlic Dressing.

- Chilli Miso Pork with Sticky Rice, Spring Onion and Sesame Seed Topping.

- Sweet Soy Udon Noodles with Kale, Leek, Mushroom and Toasted Sesame seeds. (v)

- Japanese Mild Chicken Curry with Steamed Rice and Pickled Red Cabbage

Cold Food and Desserts

- Seasonal Fish and Vegetable Sushi platter

- Backweat “Soba” noodles with Chive and Sweet Soy sauce

- Baked Matcha green tea cheese cake

AND MORE !.......


From £6 per person (minimum booking £300)

Plus Travel cost (Please contact me for details)

Interested? Then get in touch.........

Please e-mail or ring me with any questions or further information about menu option, booking etc.

E-mail : enquiries@notjustsushi.co.uk

Mob: 07715 472 332





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